I love Japanese cuisine. No questions asked. 

A week after Rio got back from Japan, I willingly devoted my ears to all his stories which were mostly comprised of hectic school works and foooood. Hearing about the latter only heightened my eagerness to experience Japan myself and go gaga over anything edible. Haha. To add more dreaminess to the formula, Karla jumped in to rave about her Japanese obsession. You can imagine the chaos in our conversation. Ugh. Crazy people. So we decided to satisfy our longing and feel Japan the only way we can and our tummies know how.

A segue, though. I remembered the first time I dined at Saisaki, a Japanese eat-all-you-can restaurant in Manila, my eyes almost popped out at the sight of Japanese food. LOL. That's the only way to describe how enthralled I was. And yes, I left the resto with a big smile and a bulging tummy. I'll make sure to document my next visit. 

Alright, since Saisaki is out of reach given that we're nowhere near the metro, we did our tummies a favor by heading to a local Japanese restaurant in Los Banos called Eat-Sumo Teri Haus. As far as my memory's concerned, *clears throat* there were three other Japanese restaurants in Elbi then. One in Mt.Halcon St., one in Raymundo and the other used to be where Eat-Sumo is situated now, back when Eat-Sumo was a part of LB Square. Guys, if you happen to exist during my time, please do support my claim. I've tried them all back then that's why I'm 99.9% sure but still I need your immense support on this one. LOL.  



We're not done with Palaisdaan, people. Of course, I couldn't let a bright, sunny day pass without having a few shots here and there. You know, for blogging purposes. Teehee. Must. Maximize. Visit. 

This was taken after lunch *burp* around 2 in the afternoon. Boy, I'm super hot... I mean, it was super hot!! (Muntik nang magbuhat ng sariling bangko)  The biting heat was intense. I felt like I was being roasted. Then I realized how it sucks to be a turkey during Thanksgiving. T____T The 21st century turkey. 

You'd find me squinting if it weren't for these wonder sunnies. Woot! Woot! Salamat sa sponsor *wink* 

Look! A mini lake (or pond or whatever this is)!! *sigh* This bit is heaven. The wind was blowing softly that time. I heard it whispering "siestaaaaaa"!! Kain. Tulog. Baboy. Haha. Or you can just spread your arms like Rose did and let fresh air fill your lungs.

So how's your Saturday going? Happy weekend, love!



It was a sunny Saturday and we were brimming with good intentions. Naks.

It was initially a meeting. However, we thought it would be better (and more effective) to discuss matters over lunch as these individuals are highly driven by food. So we found our way to Kamayan sa Palaisdaan sa Bay. We were glad we did!

Bakit ngayon lang ako napadpad dito? T___T

These floating cottages nailed it! The theme lived up to the restaurant's name. This place would definitely remind you of traditional Filipino setup: bahay kubo, ulam pinoy, kamayan.

I know not a lot of you guys like okra because it's slimy, but I love it! Unfortunately, they like it too. So Hunger Games lang ang peg. Not a good day to be an okra with these people around.

Sinfully crriisssspppyyy!!!!

It was our first time to see bicol express in yellow. Curious. But hey, Percy Jackson has blue waffles and then there's pink Vanilla Banana Frost! Hmm.. This can do. Besides, it tastes good! <3

I was with these highly responsible individuals. Don't they look the happiest? You see, the happiest people are the ones with the happiest tummies. Don't be deceived by their smiles, these guys can devour an elephant on my cue. HAHA!



Remember that cute couple I was with at the Garden Show? Yes? Well, they just reminded me once again how we should never run out of reason to make our partner feel special, no matter how big or small; and how a huge amount of effort can amplify the littlest of things.

Last September, Albert asked me to help him prepare a surprise birthday party for his girlfriend, Pearl. I agreed and was too excited about it. But it was one tough job to plan a surprise party. It was hard to communicate behind the celebrator's back. One text read would ruin everything. But we made it, though. We were able to surprise Pearl on her birthday. Yay!

Now, payback time. Pearl asked me to plan a silver surprise birthday party for Albert's 25th. Yes, I'm the universal, go-to accomplice. We were so giddy talking about our plans. We planned all these while having a street food marathon. It's easier to plan with Pearl, though. Bisayaon lang, wa na si Albert uy!

Then days passed like crazy... until there's only a week left. We counted each day with a mix of anxiety and excitement. We booked the place, finalized the guests, worked on the giveaways. On that very day, we we went in early to set up the decors and the cake, cupcakes, wine...etc. We even helped arrange the chairs and tables at the venue. Girl power at its best! Whew! All that while keeping track on Albert's whereabouts. If you're planning a surprise party, the last thing you'd want is be surprised by the very person. We were anxious about the whole thing! Cold hands, accelerated heartbeats. Aaaahhh!!!

Pearl wanted his birthday extra special by holding the event somewhere Albert has never been yet. She wanted it to be a lovely first. We thought of a place so intimate and almost instantly, unanimously, Joe's Italian Restaurant popped out in our minds. I blogged about Joe's weeks back and they were among the people intrigued about the place.

Joe's Italian Restaurant fits the theme so well, how we imagined the event to be. That night, it housed 20 people that made such impact on Albert's 25 years. It was a huge challenge for me to direct all the guests while reading Pearl's text messages which appeared more like a clock ticking, a countdown of something about to explode. "We're on our way." "We're almost there." "We're 10 steps away." It was crazzzzy! Then the door opened ---- SURPRISE!!! Wow, priceless.

Now, the tougher part came in. Me hosting! Oh my freaking gosh! What choice do I have, though? Really, it freaked me out. I told her I can't do it but I did anyway. Hahaha. Ganyan ko lang ka-love si Pearl!

Of course, the whole event wouldn't be complete without the food. Only the best Joe's has to offer. Yay! They look so appetizing! Food porn commencing...

Albert was all smiles that night.  We had 25 silver treasures, 25 tequila shots and lastly, a toast to the celebrator. Cool, huh? Kudos to the master planner! Effort kung effort! Pearl really spent time on the smallest details. The event was a blast! I can't tell you exactly how happy I am for them two. I've watched them grow as a couple and I couldn't be any happier seeing them make such great an effort to make each other feel special. So happy and in love.

Special thanks to the food attendants at Joe's for helping us out in our preparation. Big hugs! Until our next visit, Joe's!

 Telling them that they're special is one thing, 
making them feel special is another. 



I'm baaaaack!

And super excited to share to you some treats from the land of the rising sun, Japaaaan! Our housemate, Rio, just came back from his 2-month stay in Tsukuba. Yaaay! I was more than willing to help him unload and unwrap the treats he brought home. So me. ;) 

First stop, Kitkat! I have been a big Kitkat fan ever since I can remember. Imagine my delight upon seeing these babies in different and surreal flavors! Craaaazy! If you're a Kitkat fan, c'mon, let's drool in unison. Haha. Have a break, have a Kitkat.

Surprisingly, I loved the wasabi-flavored Kitkat. I thought the flavor would come out too strong but it was very subtle to the taste buds. LOVE! 

Look at them so bright and peculiar! 

Tadaaa! After unwrapping, you'll find these guys. They're sooo cute!

Lo and behold, mi favorito --- nori! Edible seaweed strips, baby. I've been munching on this since yesterday. Oh boy, it felt like eating maki sushi. Well, sans everything. Haha. Some people don't like it. But oh my goodness, I do! It smelled of dried tea leaves and munching on it felt like eating paper. My brother joked I looked like I was eating confetti the whole time. Ngi.

I like it, grabe! It even goes well with rice and adobo. Or is it just me? 

Welcome back, Rio! Power hug!

Conquering the world one Kitkat at a time,