I love Japanese cuisine. No questions asked. 

A week after Rio got back from Japan, I willingly devoted my ears to all his stories which were mostly comprised of hectic school works and foooood. Hearing about the latter only heightened my eagerness to experience Japan myself and go gaga over anything edible. Haha. To add more dreaminess to the formula, Karla jumped in to rave about her Japanese obsession. You can imagine the chaos in our conversation. Ugh. Crazy people. So we decided to satisfy our longing and feel Japan the only way we can and our tummies know how.

A segue, though. I remembered the first time I dined at Saisaki, a Japanese eat-all-you-can restaurant in Manila, my eyes almost popped out at the sight of Japanese food. LOL. That's the only way to describe how enthralled I was. And yes, I left the resto with a big smile and a bulging tummy. I'll make sure to document my next visit. 

Alright, since Saisaki is out of reach given that we're nowhere near the metro, we did our tummies a favor by heading to a local Japanese restaurant in Los Banos called Eat-Sumo Teri Haus. As far as my memory's concerned, *clears throat* there were three other Japanese restaurants in Elbi then. One in Mt.Halcon St., one in Raymundo and the other used to be where Eat-Sumo is situated now, back when Eat-Sumo was a part of LB Square. Guys, if you happen to exist during my time, please do support my claim. I've tried them all back then that's why I'm 99.9% sure but still I need your immense support on this one. LOL.  

Eat-Sumo is relatively cheaper than the ones you'd stumble upon in Manila. There's a good array of choices enough to saturate your cravings. This has always been our go-to place here in Elbi. 

So for you guys out there who love Japanese food as much as I do, itadakimasu!!

If you've been following my blog, you'd know by now how much I love spicy food. So on rainy days, I always go for tempura udon with a generous amount of chili powder in it. Talk about HOT!

That's it for now. I promise to bring more soon... reeaally soon. I'm taking this blogging duty seriously, guys. Until next!

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