Have you ever had that feeling of wanting to try something that you don't normally wear? And you just can't find the right occasion to wear it to? I get that. I'm forever curious about how outfits would look on me that's why mix-and-match has always been my game. But I can't seem to find the right timing. Pwede ba mamalengke ng naka-ganito? haha.

And hence, the birth of this blog. This is where I get to express myself without having to consider the occasion. For those who are wondering, here's how it goes: "I want to wear this, I wonder how it looks. Tara, shoot!" Suot, hanap ng magandang view, pose, click... tadaaaa!

I've always loved being creative and it's comforting that I get to express myself in this manner. Not everyone would pay a liking to this, but hey, I am not doing this to impress but rather to express. 

Our youth is a phase, soon it would pass us by. There are certain things that are bound by age. So let's enjoy it while we can. Years from now, it would be fun to look back at your photos and say "See apo, I looked like I popped out from the glossies".  Models lang ba may karapatang mag-shoot? Of course, not. Not everyone is given that big an opportunity but it doesn't mean we can't look like one...or feel like one, at least. So ladies, if you want to unleash your inner kikay, call me. :)

Thanks, Daniel Richard Sta. Romana!

Conquering the world one outfit at a time,

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