You trip, you bruise and skin your knees. You hate to look at yourself in the mirror for falling time and again. You feel ashamed of how bad you look. You feel small and rugged. 

But please, don't yield.

Given that you're not as equipped as others, nor as well-assisted; you know there is no better way of learning than this. You have to struggle your way up, tread on mud and rocks alike, if you must. For in life, there are no shortcuts as nothing's instant.

Continue pushing even if it means staggering and falling for a few more miles. Had the road been any easier, people would not have bled buckets to get there. Save all your energy in fueling such desire. Be grateful for the hardships and learn from them. Because one day, your experiences will be your biggest ally and those calloused knees will make the toughest shield.

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