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I was at a crossroads. I got stuck at a point where the roads up front are splitting in varied directions, all a blur. If it be easier to call it quarter-life crisis, then make it so. Besides, I'm literally at a century's quarter. But this doesn't only happen to people in their mid-20's. It could happen to anyone on the verge of creating their own career path; where huge decisions are made. 

The good news was I wasn't without options. Hooray! But the choices that came a plenty led me to utter confusion. It disarmed my capacity to take on a decision. And to add more pressure to the already shaken bottle that is my head, an internal clock kept ringing for an answer. It felt like I was running out of time! 

Which one to shoot for? Which one to prioritize? Gah! Decisions, decisions.

If you haven't had such kind of pressure in your head. Bless you.



Hello, love! I am so excited to present to you the first ever blog award I've received. It thrilled me as it's one of the best ways to get connected with fellow bloggers. I'd like to thank Zoe of That's Zoe for this nomination. I really enjoyed reading the stuff she wrote. And I am utterly thrilled to share mine to you guys. Enjoy reading!