I know it's the love month but I won't be talking about love until I get my dose of alcohol and bitter ice cream. Haha. I'm kidding by 50%. I'm here to raise a glass to the lovely weather and my love for sweaters. Although this one's not knitted, I beg you to let it slip into the category. It serves the purpose anyway.

Having a weather this cold minus the storm is considered bliss in our tropical haven. So, hooray, there's more to the dry and wet!! Plus, it works well with the hot chocolate-books-pillows combo. Speaking of books, darn, I'm still trapped in Riordan's Greek and Roman fantasy and I am not complaining one bit. My bloodshot eyes just married these pages and I couldn't be any happier. 

Now, I raise my mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows... to the cold weather and cold hearts! Cheers! HAHA.