I can very well recall how giddy I was to grow up, how I wanted to turn into a lady so I can rid of my nest-inspired boy cut hairstyle and pick what clothes to wear. It is still crystal clear in my memory how happy I was to turn 13, how I lived my high school life as though I knew everything about being a grown-up. 

Then came college and fear of aging. I worried about turning 18 and later, hitting 20's. I felt anxious about getting older. I wanted to turn back time. Back when the world was gentler. 

It's ironic how we wish for things to slow down when all we wanted was for it to speed up. Now, I am 25 and I simply gave up the remote. There's no point in wishing for things to happen in our own pace. You see, it never did and it never will. Time flies in its own pace, ever consistent. It is our perspective that causes a blur to what things should be at the moment. We often wish to get out of the now, and come wishing for things to be different. We end up losing ourselves in the process. The moment we snap back, time was lost and we'd sulk in despair for having been robbed of chances.

Point is, we should all cherish what we could enjoy now. Let's feed ourselves with all the perks that youth has to offer. Years from now, it'll be different and what's left of us will be memories. So let's get busy creating fun memories to remember by. 

That was one serious talk up there, eh? 

I just want to feel good about my 20's. Some outfits are darn bound by age. So I'd like to enjoy playing dress up now that I still can. This is actually a dress that I layered with a pink skirt. The fabric was rather flowy than poofy so I had to add another layer to give it a bit of an ooomph. Years from now, you'd find it awkward to find me clad in this outfit. 

These wedges are pretty damn cute but killer high. I got this one from Forever 21 as a graduation gift. Believe me, they are comfortable for the feet. The pressure is on to your legs because, my goodness, you need control on this one. One false move can get you a sprained ankle. I love it, nonetheless.

I felt dizzy after these shots. All I did was turn and move in circles so the skirt would look poofy. It was pretty hard to move around with these wedges on but it was fun! Mission accomplished.

Aaaaaand another candid moment. I was about to clap like a retarded seal here. Haha!

Photos by: Daniel Richard Sta. Romana

So are you making the most out of your youth? Have fun! 

Conquering the world one outfit at a time,



Hello, love! 

Yes, I know. Been MIA for a while. I'm afraid I cannot pull off the tag "blogger" coz I suck at blogging. 

And now that I am back, I want to share this street food marathon I had recently with Pearl. It was the first "exclusive date" (Hi, Albert, hiram muna ha? haha) we had after a long while. What better way to fuel our long talks than a food marathon. We are best buds in almost all aspects most especially if tummy matters are at hand. We live by the motto "Ang tunay na chick, nag-eextra rice". Half-rice is not our game. Half kalderong rice? Now we're talking. :) For the love of food.

I love to talk about Filipino dishes to foreign people. I always talk about adobo. adobo. adobo. Yes, I'm being paid for every adobo sold. Not. Apparently, it's something I've mastered, my bragging rights! But let's take a break from the usual. Let's talk about street foods. I thought about compiling pictures which I took in between bites.

It is my aim to complete the list of street foods in the Philippines. So watch out for more... ^__^

1. Botsi/Butse - Deep fried crop of chicken

2. Balat [ng manok] - deep fried chicken skin

3. Taba [ng manok] - Deep fried chicken fat

4. Fish balls

5. Chicken balls

6. Dilis - Sweet and spicy dried anchovies

7. Peanut brittle - Peanut coated with caramelized sugar

7. Peanuts!!! <3

8. Mr. Beans. LOL. They're called pop beans.

9. Kwek-kwek - hard boiled quail eggs coated with orange batter and deep fried in oil. 

"Pabili po ng kweng-kweng." Pwede! Years back, some people found my name Kweng odd, so they started calling me kwek-kwek instead. Darn, freshman year! They even used to joke about having a tower named after me, The Kweng Kweng Tower. Craaaazy bunch of people. They might not remember this bit, though. But I do!! HA! It still makes me laugh. 

10. Isaw [baboy at manok] - Chicken and pork intestine

11. Pinipig and cookies and cream bar

As a food technologist, *clears throat* I am well aware that microorganisms proliferate in these foods. So, my dearies, eat with care and moderation. But I can't help it! I'm a huge kwek-kwek and isaw fan! 

Conquering the world one isaw at a time,




Oh my angels! It's the time of the year again. 'Tis the season to be blown away... angels walking down the runway flaunting their beautiful bodies, blowing kisses as they go. I've waited so long for this! Nothing can ever compare to the hottest show of the year -- the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

I've watched the Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows for the past n years for tons of times already. My friends can attest to this. I always talk about the show as though I were paid to convince people to watch it. Yes, I am no doubt an angel...err.. a fan. I love how these gorgeous ladies pull off these mind-blowing costumes which came from the most creative of minds and skillful of hands.

Three things:
-Candice Swanepoel is wearing the $10M fantasy bra this year. Whoa! That's 4 times more expensive than last year's. She is definitely the bomb!
-Miranda Kerr has tendered her resignation. No Ms.Dimples on the runway this year. Nay.
-Adam Levine's back in the audience to support Behati Prinsloo. Aaaccckk!

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show will air on December 10 this year on CBS. And since it's a long wait, this giddy fan girl wants to share with you some snapshots from the show. Of course, you can see these stuff all over the web these days but I gathered my favorite shots so I can rave about them here.

For those who haven't watched Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, there are different themes in every segment. And boy, it gets better and better each year like they never run out of creative juice. Truly, these ladies deserve a ravishing praise for their beauty and physique but I commend highly the minds responsible for the entire show --concept and all. Kudos!

Let's go through my favorite ladies, shall we?

British Invasion

Birds of Paradise


Pink Network

Parisian Nights

Snow Angels

Okay, you can close that mouth, honey. So what's your favorite theme this year? Let me know. :)

Photo credits: Reuters, PA Photos, Rex Features
View full gallery at Vogue.co.uk



I've always been amazed how nature tweaks the backdrop upon every transition of seasons. During this time of the year, leaves turn red, brown and golden. Alas, not here. 

Since I live in a tropical country that knows only wet and dry seasons, the easiest way to recreate an autumn-ish feel would be under a huge tree where dried, withered leaves lay resting. 

Well, we tried. :) Tres for the effort!

A post like this cannot end without my signature bungisngis candid shot. In my opinion, candid shots are the best. Always brimming with emotions. Pagbigyan.

I do a lot of silly poses. So silly I even question "Why the hell did I do that?" and Dan would come asking "What was that?". See, that's a part of me that I cannot rid of. After each i-dont-know-why-I-did-that-pose I laugh so hard at myself for being crazy (oftentimes clapping like a retarded seal).

Photos by: Daniel Richard Sta. Romana



If I were to join a pageant, my introduction would be: Kristine Domondon, 25, Herb Republic!

HA!! I saw it! It made you cringe! hahaha! Good morning, love!

If you have read my previous posts, you can tell how much I love herbs. Remember that garden show I wrote about? And my herb-y aglio olio? Yes? Well, thank you, keep reading. Since I failed to have my own herb garden, I fashioned myself a new hobby. I take a stroll near a store selling herbs, stop by to smell every herb on display, and then let out a hearty sigh as though I smelled the finest of flowers. That makes me happy already. (read: mababaw

My desire to be in a land of herbs is palpable. So imagine my joy when I chanced to visit the ultimate herb haven at the very heart of Los Banos, Laguna -- Herb Republic. Oh dear, take it from the name, it simply is the best place to be.  

They are committed to serve food of superior quality -- from seed to table. According to Tita Pearl, Herb Republic is dedicated to promote sustainable farming practices. The pork and chicken dishes they serve are antibiotic-free and growth hormone-free, and the vegetables are organic. Healthy stuff!

First stop, their signature salad with garlic dip. Tomatoes, mushrooms and my lovely greens. This leafy bunch is a mix of mint, tarragon, gotukola, lettuce. The way the flavors danced in my taste buds is just awesome. Herb Republic salad, P215

For the appetizer, we had a serving of Shitake mushroom tempura with sesame dip. Oh my goodness, this is just perfect. Crunchy, tasty... need I say more? Shitake mushroom tempura, P175.00

For the chicken entree, we picked garlic basil baked chicken (half) over their bestseller. This is basil, people. We're talking about my first herb crush here. And boy, this do not disappoint. The chicken is so flavorful it can go sans honey mustard dip. Garlic basil baked chicken (whole) P367.00.

Jeorge and Cat find this too strong but I liked it a lot! The flavor of the tarragon made a wild twist to the regular iced tea I'm accustomed to. Plus, this drink has a unique talent! I swear! It looks cool. Tarragon iced tea, P69.00

I love cucumber. My friends used to call me the "Pipino (cucumber) girl". The flavor is so light and very refreshing, I can drink this straight like water. Kulang. I need a jug of this one. Mint cucumber cooler, P69.00.

The moment I saw this, WOOOOW PINK! And then it hit me "What's this again?", because I don't remember ordering a strawberry-flavored smoothie. Fellas, this is vanilla banana frost--in candy pink. It tastes great but I am more fascinated by the color. Vanilla banana frost, P69.00

And because you're reading this, this is for you! Say aaaaahhhh! See, I value readers who can take my insanity.

I took this gastronomic journey with these two wonderful people. It's not everyday we get the chance to get together and engage ourselves in some crazy talks down memory lane. It feels like undergrad days once again...

Photos by: Jeorge Yamuyam

There's so much more to try! I'll be back soon. :)

Herb Republic
Km 63 Lopez Ave., Batong Malake
Los Banos, Laguna

Conquering the world one bite at a time,