I can very well recall how giddy I was to grow up, how I wanted to turn into a lady so I can rid of my nest-inspired boy cut hairstyle and pick what clothes to wear. It is still crystal clear in my memory how happy I was to turn 13, how I lived my high school life as though I knew everything about being a grown-up. 

Then came college and fear of aging. I worried about turning 18 and later, hitting 20's. I felt anxious about getting older. I wanted to turn back time. Back when the world was gentler. 

It's ironic how we wish for things to slow down when all we wanted was for it to speed up. Now, I am 25 and I simply gave up the remote. There's no point in wishing for things to happen in our own pace. You see, it never did and it never will. Time flies in its own pace, ever consistent. It is our perspective that causes a blur to what things should be at the moment. We often wish to get out of the now, and come wishing for things to be different. We end up losing ourselves in the process. The moment we snap back, time was lost and we'd sulk in despair for having been robbed of chances.

Point is, we should all cherish what we could enjoy now. Let's feed ourselves with all the perks that youth has to offer. Years from now, it'll be different and what's left of us will be memories. So let's get busy creating fun memories to remember by. 

That was one serious talk up there, eh? 

I just want to feel good about my 20's. Some outfits are darn bound by age. So I'd like to enjoy playing dress up now that I still can. This is actually a dress that I layered with a pink skirt. The fabric was rather flowy than poofy so I had to add another layer to give it a bit of an ooomph. Years from now, you'd find it awkward to find me clad in this outfit. 

These wedges are pretty damn cute but killer high. I got this one from Forever 21 as a graduation gift. Believe me, they are comfortable for the feet. The pressure is on to your legs because, my goodness, you need control on this one. One false move can get you a sprained ankle. I love it, nonetheless.

I felt dizzy after these shots. All I did was turn and move in circles so the skirt would look poofy. It was pretty hard to move around with these wedges on but it was fun! Mission accomplished.

Aaaaaand another candid moment. I was about to clap like a retarded seal here. Haha!

Photos by: Daniel Richard Sta. Romana

So are you making the most out of your youth? Have fun! 

Conquering the world one outfit at a time,

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