So you feel inferior, worthless, left out, incompetent. You feel like an ugly duckling stuck in a pond of swans, a loser in a battlefield of the winning, a rag in the posh. At some point in our lives, we do feel that way. It's a phase we all have to go through. But make certain it remains a phase and not a lifestyle. Get back to your feet and start building a better version of yourself.



For the first time in foreveeeerrr... *insert music here* ...there'll be a recipe on my blog!

After experimenting a lot in the kitchen, I finally plucked up the courage to post a recipe. Google for recipes here and there and you'll see hundreds of ways on how people do their version of a dish. So here I am, about to show you my own version of the all-time Visayan favorite -- humba. (Hey, I am a beginner, don't you dare expect too much.) ^___^

Humba is a popular dish in the south. Its presence in every table is default regardless of occasion. Saying humba in Bisaya is as good as saying adobo in Tagalog. That popular! Both are often compared due to their similarity in appearance and main ingredients. You can add eggs on humba just like you do your adobo. However, humba usually goes with black beans and banana blossoms.



Hello, love!

Had my fill of hiatus and I am baaaaack! (Ahem..again. I figured I've made this line so hackneyed it bares my derelict blogger duties. But this would help explain why this post is up on my blog so timely. Pardon me talking inside these bows. I like making segues in parenthesis. ha-ha.)

So, busy with lists, aren't we? The season for resolutions is upon us again and plans for change are ubiquitous. Jotting down things to achieve, things to change, the classic Do's and Dont's... et cetera. Will we ever tire of making rules and goals we barely commit to? Nah. Coz I made another list myself. Yiha! That being said, I don't want commitment let loose this time. 

I won't be going through each bit on my list. I'd like to zero in on my number one since I deem it a priority and of extreme importance as it holds the key to transforming number two and so from mere ink blots into reality..