Going past the crossroads or surpassing any crisis in general requires different mechanisms from us. Our attack would basically depend on our personality.

As for me, I find communicating my worries the most liberating. The relief that it brings usually gives the toughest blow to my predicament. So at times when my mind is troubled and cloudy, my first instinct is to vent out to my chosen few. I don't keep it bottled inside as its never healthy. The longer you keep it, the faster it kills.

However, I take precaution on who to talk to. Issues about trust must never be overlooked. Talking to just anyone could leave you vulnerable; be wise enough to choose. When you pour all your worries, make sure you get something positive in return. And I don't mean sugar-coated words, but that powerful boost you get through meaningful advice. Hearing comforting words is good, but listening to wise words that could help you ponder further is by far the best.

So as promised, here are the people whose mere words and existence propelled my spirit out that grievous pit.

1. I talked to like-minded people.

I devoted some time to talk to those whose principles are in line with mine; those who aspire the same things as I do; those who understand where I'm coming from. These people reminded me that regardless of how most of society think, I should never let go of whatever that's keeping me aflame.

2. I talked to people older.

And I mean decades older; those who are way beyond this crisis. Albeit ironic, these people reminded me of youth. They made me realize 25 is not late and old, but still young to sail forth and old enough to brave the winds.

3. I talked to people who are experiencing the same crisis.

If your purpose is to rant and open the wounds time and time again, forget it. For me, it was like a tap on my back saying "Hey, you're normal. We're on it too.".

4. I talked to myself.

You can let that Ha-ha out. But, I'm serious. Although may sound silly, talking to oneself is a good form of self motivation. Don't let your self talk you out. Instead, tell yourself what you ought to do. Okay, could this part get any weirder? Point is, you shouldn't allow your inner cynic whisper you things. Be strong enough to impose on yourself.

5. Lastly, most especially, and I hope no one misses this, I talked to Him.

I would be totally lost if it weren't for my faith in Him. I trusted the fact that He will never give me something I cannot tackle. With Him, I know I will always be special.

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