It's okay to get hurt because you cared.
It's okay to get hurt because you loved.
It's okay to get hurt because you believed.
It's okay to get hurt because you have feelings.
It's okay to get hurt because it's normal to commit mistakes.
It's okay to get hurt because your weaknesses make you vulnerable.
It's okay to get hurt because you're not in control of others.
It's okay to get hurt because you're human.
It's okay to get hurt.
It's okay.

But never get too comfortable about it. You have to outgrow the pain and learn from it; get hurt and be wiser. Getting hurt for the same old reasons time and again is no longer the cost of being human, but of blind decisions or worse, excuse the word choice, sheer stupidity.



In my long tenure as a member, I've seen people come and go. And I cannot help but notice similarities and patterns among them. So I thought of grouping them according to their so-called presence in the organization. Why the title? Cos I'm sure, no matter your organization, you have these people in there too. Feel free to disagree though. *wink*

They do their part, no doubt, but they don't usually stay too long for bonding moments. 
"Okay na ba? Mauna na ako ha? Kasi ____."

Workshops, no. Activities, no. Meetings, no. Booze, be right there. Party, hell yeah! And they'd be like, "I love *insert organization here*!" 

Now you see them, poof, now you don't. They come and go as they will. Pasulpot-sulpot.  Padaan-daan. Pakamay-kamay. 
"Uy! Musta?" *handshake* Aaaand they're gone.

"Sure, pupunta ako." Nah. Asa ka pa. 



I see flags everywhere; it only means one thing... or two. It's our 116th Independence Day! Yay! And, of course, my 16th (plus 10) birthday.

Yep, I'm currently flipping through the last pages of the first quarter, about to begin a new one. But before we come to that, let me do this 25-things-about-me thingy. Just some random stuff that you might want to skip. Haha. But I'm posting anyway. Heyyy, give the birthday girl a pass.

1. I used to be extremely boyish. I used to punch them bullies. I still remember their names. ;)
2. I really wanted to take up Theater Arts. 
3. If you're a friend of mine, this you don't know --I am a big Harry Potter fan (and some items here will serve as proof).
4. I've watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for more than 50 times. 
5. I named my son JK because... duh. I love JK Rowling. 
6. I hate roaches.
7. I won a Harry Potter Quiz Contest. Yay! 
8. I watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for 3 consecutive times without leaving the cinema -- that's almost 9 hours! My knees got stone cold I couldn't walk straight after the last full show. I had to call a friend to bring me home. See, too much fangirling there.
9. I used to have a pet pig named Badidi.
10. Whenever I like a song, it would play in loop until I tire of listening to it.
11. I'm Jack of all trades, master of none some.
12. I'm very open, I hate keeping secrets. 
13. But I'm good at keeping other's secrets. 
14. I love horror, action, adventure, sci-fi and mind-fuck books/movies. 
15. I'm pretty good at telling horror stories but I am a scaredy-cat.
16. Whenever I find something so hilarious, I'd laugh for the entire 5 to 10 minutes. 
17. I am optimistic.
18. I loved Sleeping Beauty as a kid. All the while I thought the villain's name was Magnificent. Imagine my horror when I found out it was MALEFICENT. My childhood was a lie! haha.
19. I have a huge appetite!!
20. Back in high school, I played Quidditch with a friend. Imagine what fantards can do with brooms and empty soda cans. I know, embarrassing.
21. A close friend of mine once convinced me to join a pageant; I figured renting gowns wasn't practical so I used our curtain instead. I made one for the first night and re-made it the next day. Designed and hand-stitched them myself, baby!
22. Whenever I talk to girls, I look intently at their features. I always have this urge of putting makeup on them.
23. I'm a morning person.
24. I'm very particular with proportions.
25. "You're too picky." Not really. Maybe. Okay, yes.



Two years ago, exactly around this time of the year, I received a message from an unknown number. Normally, I wouldn't care. Duh. This isn't the hi-can-you-be-my-textmate era. But, dang, he knew his way with words! He was opinionated and smart. I think he aced English in high school. :)) So there, I found myself talking to the same anonymous person a year after. Long conversations that kept me awake, made my ears turn pink; of books, rants and random things.
"What books do you recommend?"
"Nicholas Sparks or Jane Austen English?"
I have no intentions of finding out who he is. For one, I'm way over it; for another, I have a gut feel I know him personally. I can't bear the disappointment. Haha. Let's leave it tainted with rainbows and butterflies. I just thought it was cool to have that one special stranger. It felt nice to have that unconventional connection: a friendship shrouded by anonymity, casting judgment aside.

Whoever you are, thank you! I had a good laugh. Just remain that one mystery I cannot solve.