Two years ago, exactly around this time of the year, I received a message from an unknown number. Normally, I wouldn't care. Duh. This isn't the hi-can-you-be-my-textmate era. But, dang, he knew his way with words! He was opinionated and smart. I think he aced English in high school. :)) So there, I found myself talking to the same anonymous person a year after. Long conversations that kept me awake, made my ears turn pink; of books, rants and random things.
"What books do you recommend?"
"Nicholas Sparks or Jane Austen English?"
I have no intentions of finding out who he is. For one, I'm way over it; for another, I have a gut feel I know him personally. I can't bear the disappointment. Haha. Let's leave it tainted with rainbows and butterflies. I just thought it was cool to have that one special stranger. It felt nice to have that unconventional connection: a friendship shrouded by anonymity, casting judgment aside.

Whoever you are, thank you! I had a good laugh. Just remain that one mystery I cannot solve.  

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