I know how much you struggle to reach that dream -- that euphoric picture you've painted for yourself. It's no easy task, right? And probably now you're at a point where you start asking if everything's still worth the chase. Worry not, it's only a phase. We all reach that point. The challenge now is how to get pass it.



Has the north pole shifted? Because bbrrrrr.

Kidding aside, that's just me saying it's one helluva chilly weather. But no, not complaining here. It's the time of the year when I rarely break a sweat. *pats back* And just about the perfect weather to pull those sweaters out from slumber. But it won't be long before summer sets in so we better get these sweaters workin', baby!

Like this knitted wonder I got late last year. It screams all citrus-y! The moment I laid my hands on it, I knew I'd commit a crime for overusing it -- still guilty to date.