I know how much you struggle to reach that dream -- that euphoric picture you've painted for yourself. It's no easy task, right? And probably now you're at a point where you start asking if everything's still worth the chase. Worry not, it's only a phase. We all reach that point. The challenge now is how to get pass it.

Distractions. Rejections. Humiliations. Disenchantment of all sorts. They're like emotional cannonballs that, if fired, could trample everything you've built -- your pride and self-esteem included. Getting blows from all these is inevitable. That's just how life is. Reality check, not everything would go as planned, not everyone would believe in you. Some people would even go as far as laughing at your dreams, belittling your ability. Apparently, these are the people you'd want to leave in a safari as a gracious offering to the wild animals. Haha. I'm kidding! What I'm saying is, they are not the ones you need in life. Don't lose your dreams to them; fight your way through all the negativity and prove them wrong.

Dreams are up for grabs, so they say. To that I give my nod. It was never a question of whether we can get it or not; it's a matter of asking ourselves, are we ready to go for it? How much are we willing to endure to get there? No one can tell exactly how long the road will be but we know for certain that it could get all bumpy. Are we ready to risk a ride?

Yes? Then let's grow elephant skin to get through every pain. Don't let anyone or anything stop you. Whatever you've planted for yourself is yours to achieve.
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