If I had to point out one insecurity, I'd have to say skin. Let's just say I wasn't among those who were blessed with good set of genes for this. I have dry skin and uneven skin tone for the body, and oily-acne-prone for the face. So even at 25, I am a perennial acne sufferer. Thanks to my genes and my untamed hormones, I have cystic visitors on my face every now and then. These painful bumps don't go easy on me; they stay long and when they're gone, they leave ugly scars.

Getting exposed to the sun never bothered me then. ( The sun never bothered me anywaaaay..) I've long since embraced my morena complexion. However, when too much sun exposure gave me awkward tan lines that made my uneven skin tone more noticeable, I figured I needed to do something about it.

Frankly, I consider all the aforementioned a tough blow to my self-esteem. So I've always been in a constant hunt for products that could address these skin concerns that I had long endured. Sadly, being in a tight budget didn't help. As my resources were limited, so were my choice of remedies. Good thing I found Kojie.san. Who would have thought I'd get this mighty wonder for a few bucks?



It's painful to lose the people we know. It sucks to bid farewell permanently; that separation that can only be bridged by memories. It's sad. It's sad that we can do nothing but to accept and move on. That's how life is, short and unpredictable. One day they're here, the next they're not.

And even if it's unfortunate, it's for these reasons why we should move forward and keep living. Their stories have ended, but ours continue. We can only hope and pray they're in a better place.

We only have one shot. One we cannot replay, rewind or rewrite. It's only apt to make the most out of it. Live, laugh, love, get hurt, stand up and live again. No matter how tiring the cycle appears to be, still, all the pain we are capable of feeling reminds us that we are alive and hopeful of feeling bliss once again. 

Keep painting your happiness, write down even your pains, go doodle all bloopers alongside everything, because you never know when the pages run out and your ink go dry. Seize the day.



There's no pleasing everybody. That's not an opinion. It is a hard fact. No matter what you do, no matter what you say, people will always find something to criticize in you. People will criticize the way you speak, the choice of wardrobe you have, the way you act, the photos you take, the principles you hold, the things you do, the stuff you write... everything.

Criticisms are not entirely negative. Some are meant for us to improve. A lot of us are scared of being criticized because we view it as something that is against us. It's not always like that. Besides, you can't keep avoiding every single criticism. Truth be told, there's no escaping it. You can never control what criticisms they throw at you because all those come from their own judgment. Consider it a ball game: how the ball is thrown is out of your control, but how you receive it is up to you. 

Usually when asked, I say just know what to catch and what to dodge.




I know it's lame but I can't think of a better title. Shame. Consider it my way of saying Happy April Fool's day! C'mon, be good. It's still April first somewhere. *wink*

This blog faced dormancy for a couple of days...again. For one, I've been away for some contemplation. For another, I can't seem to decide which to post. Yes, which not what. I mentioned to you guys how I get inspiration from day-to-day experiences and from everyone around, right? Well, a lot of things have been going on around lately. That wonderful clash of struggles and solutions created a whirlwind of inspiring thoughts in my head. Every time words pop out of my head, I write. And then comes another one. It's overwhelmingly crazy I ended up not finishing any! Call it reverse writer's block. 

So there, another way of telling you guys, "I'm alive and writing!"