I know it's lame but I can't think of a better title. Shame. Consider it my way of saying Happy April Fool's day! C'mon, be good. It's still April first somewhere. *wink*

This blog faced dormancy for a couple of days...again. For one, I've been away for some contemplation. For another, I can't seem to decide which to post. Yes, which not what. I mentioned to you guys how I get inspiration from day-to-day experiences and from everyone around, right? Well, a lot of things have been going on around lately. That wonderful clash of struggles and solutions created a whirlwind of inspiring thoughts in my head. Every time words pop out of my head, I write. And then comes another one. It's overwhelmingly crazy I ended up not finishing any! Call it reverse writer's block. 

So there, another way of telling you guys, "I'm alive and writing!"

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