There's no pleasing everybody. That's not an opinion. It is a hard fact. No matter what you do, no matter what you say, people will always find something to criticize in you. People will criticize the way you speak, the choice of wardrobe you have, the way you act, the photos you take, the principles you hold, the things you do, the stuff you write... everything.

Criticisms are not entirely negative. Some are meant for us to improve. A lot of us are scared of being criticized because we view it as something that is against us. It's not always like that. Besides, you can't keep avoiding every single criticism. Truth be told, there's no escaping it. You can never control what criticisms they throw at you because all those come from their own judgment. Consider it a ball game: how the ball is thrown is out of your control, but how you receive it is up to you. 

Usually when asked, I say just know what to catch and what to dodge.

There are criticisms that are constructive. These come from people who care a lot about you. It's not always comfortable to be told of your weaknesses but knowing them would allow you to change what you have to.

Some criticisms have a ring of truth but are delivered in a manner that is unpleasant to the ears. Don't get disheartened. Assess yourself. If it is true and you can do something about it, learn from it and enhance yourself in that area. Don't go telling everyone how wrong they were; instead, show them you're in for the better and let them realize they were wrong about you.

Lastly, there are criticisms that are plain harsh and baseless. These are the things to dodge; words you need to let out your other ear. Don't let this kind of criticism put a stop to whatever you are aspiring for.

Always change for the better. It may never be easy but trying will definitely make a difference. While we live, there's always hope for improvement. How about you? How do you handle criticisms? 

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