It's painful to lose the people we know. It sucks to bid farewell permanently; that separation that can only be bridged by memories. It's sad. It's sad that we can do nothing but to accept and move on. That's how life is, short and unpredictable. One day they're here, the next they're not.

And even if it's unfortunate, it's for these reasons why we should move forward and keep living. Their stories have ended, but ours continue. We can only hope and pray they're in a better place.

We only have one shot. One we cannot replay, rewind or rewrite. It's only apt to make the most out of it. Live, laugh, love, get hurt, stand up and live again. No matter how tiring the cycle appears to be, still, all the pain we are capable of feeling reminds us that we are alive and hopeful of feeling bliss once again. 

Keep painting your happiness, write down even your pains, go doodle all bloopers alongside everything, because you never know when the pages run out and your ink go dry. Seize the day.

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