If I had to point out one insecurity, I'd have to say skin. Let's just say I wasn't among those who were blessed with good set of genes for this. I have dry skin and uneven skin tone for the body, and oily-acne-prone for the face. So even at 25, I am a perennial acne sufferer. Thanks to my genes and my untamed hormones, I have cystic visitors on my face every now and then. These painful bumps don't go easy on me; they stay long and when they're gone, they leave ugly scars.

Getting exposed to the sun never bothered me then. ( The sun never bothered me anywaaaay..) I've long since embraced my morena complexion. However, when too much sun exposure gave me awkward tan lines that made my uneven skin tone more noticeable, I figured I needed to do something about it.

Frankly, I consider all the aforementioned a tough blow to my self-esteem. So I've always been in a constant hunt for products that could address these skin concerns that I had long endured. Sadly, being in a tight budget didn't help. As my resources were limited, so were my choice of remedies. Good thing I found Kojie.san. Who would have thought I'd get this mighty wonder for a few bucks?

Kojie.san helped lighten my skin; it made my skin tone appear even. Boy, it actually works! But more importantly, it helped a lot in getting rid of acne marks. It considerably lessened the appearance of hideous marks on my face. It has an efficient micro peeling mechanism which aids in the removal of the damaged outer layer of the skin. It's what makes Kojie.san a potent whitening product. What's more is that you don't have to worry about outrageous flaking and peeling.

I speak from experience and I have friends who can attest to this. The difference is pronounced. Forgive the difference in lighting and photo quality, these are the closest evidence I could get. I triiiieeed! Haha. But really, it amazes me how it made a whole lot of difference! 

I discovered this kojic wonder back in 2008. It was all new to my eyes! The branding and its packaging got me really curious. Let alone the fact that it's derived from kojic acid which during that time was unknown to most of us. I guess it was Kojie.san that started the revolution. It's the very first kojic acid soap made commercially available in the Philippines. I gave it a try and I loved the result. Years went by and kojic acid soaps became such a hit, they're just everywhere! I've tried a couple of brands here and there but none gave the same result. So I keep coming back to my good old Kojie.san.

For one, I love how it's made from 100% natural ingredients. It doesn't contain harmful chemicals such as parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate. Plus, I love that delicious orange-y smell brought about by the sweet orange extract. See, added fragrances in your beauty products can irritate your skin. It's better to choose products that make use of essential oils or plant extracts like this one. It even contains antioxidants such as Vitamin C which is known to do wonders on skin.

After I got back to using it, it's been a part of my skin care routine. And I'm keeping it! To complete the routine, I make sure I moisturize and wear SPF. These two are imperative, people. Applying moisturizer is needed to counteract the drying and help you maintain supple skin. And since using kojic acid on your skin could make you more susceptible to UV rays, you definitely need sun protection to prevent damage. You still need that umbrella, though. Using SPF doesn't excuse you from using physical sun shield. It pays to be vigilant.

I understand we go by different preferences and skin types. What works for me might not work for you, vice versa. But always opt for the safer and healthier option. Better be safe than sorry. As for me, my loyalty goes to Kojie.san. It has already been tried and tested... trusted. Need I say more?

Oh, we hoard them Kojie.san soaps, by the way. Kidding. How about you, what's your preference? Wanna share your story? 

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