I always admire people who never give up. Those who, despite a whirlwind of unfortunate events, still choose to go for whatever they're aiming for. Lucky for some, they could get what they want and be where they want to be in life without lifting a finger. But for others, for most of us, getting there would have to mean sweat and blood. You can't just blame the entire universe for being born so unfortunate, nor curse life for being so unfair. That's how it is. We don't get to choose how we're born, but see, we get to choose and will for whatever we want in our life. I'm not a believer of destiny. I believe more in the power of our own choice.

Our circumstances don't define who we are and where we're heading. It is our choice to move forward despite challenges that makes a whole lot of difference. Sure it isn't easy. I've cried buckets for all that grave feeling that's never easy to win over. We all do, right? But hey, one day you'll have to stop crying and start again. If you really want something so bad, you couldn't just let it slip away without giving a good fight. Just stand up again and push yourself further. Eventually, it will pay off.

Remember, failure is temporary, giving up is eternal.  

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