I've been hearing this line from a few friends lately and I thought maybe it's time I post something about this matter. Mind you, this is one hackneyed topic. Google keywords and you’ll get advice here and there. Let me just share some tips from my observation and, well, my experience. Ahem!

Leave all assumptions to math and all meanings in the dictionary.
In the world of moving on, all your assumptions and the meanings you try to insist are deal breakers. It will only keep your hopes up.

Set the drama aside.
You got hurt, of course, it's okay to cry. But crying weeks and weeks after what's over and done is too much. Don't go overboard, honey. Most of the pain you feel at this point is already self-inflicted… self-pity, regret, longing. Stop. You’re sinking nobody’s ship but yours.

Delete all 136250654 SMS, please.
C'mon, how can you ever forget if you still have that long string of cheesy exchange to go back to? Don't you know it's a surefire ticket down memory lane?

Easy on checking your phone every 3 seconds.
Expecting his name to show up, aren't we? Quit the habit. He's not texting. If he does then what?

Quit backtracking.
You hear a song, you say "we used to sing that song together". You hear a joke, you’re like "he used to crack a similar joke on me". You order a dish, "this one's his favorite". You see kids, “He used to tell me he’d love to have kids.”. Okay, I know some things would remind you of him but relating everything to him is not funny.

Keep yourself busy.
You need to divert that idle mind somewhere. Reclaim your long lost hobby, try new things, do something productive! No, stalking him online doesn't count.

And now that I’ve mentioned, enough with the stalking palooza.
Checking his twitter, facebook and all his social media accounts won't do you any good. Yeah, that includes every girl who makes comments on his status and photos, and everyone else tagged with him. Quit stalking, unless you intend to rouse insecurity and hurt yourself further.

Delete his number. 
Nah. You know his digits too well. You’d figure it’s him, anyway.

As painful as it may sound, there’s no shortcut in moving on. It’s a process we all have to go through. And I hate to break this to you but forgetting him is no mean feat either - unless you hit your head somewhere and get amnesia. Hey, NO!

Forgetting someone you share a past with is a tough game. You can’t just flush all memories down the drain. But you can let the feeling die and your attachment loose. These will never take course if you continue to stick to the idea of you and him. Acceptance is key. Only then will you be able to move forward. You have to help yourself. It may never be easy but you can do it if you allow yourself to.

He’s moved on and now it’s your turn. Continue on and turn over a new leaf. We end a chapter and begin anew in pursuit of happiness. If he has found happiness in another, you definitely deserve to be happy with someone else.

Have you any tips that may help? Share them below. I'd love to know what you have in mind. 

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