There's never a straight path in our pursuit of a goal. Pursuing one is like venturing a maze that holds adventures and uncertainties alike. As you walk through, as you make turn upon each turn, you'd meet dead ends. Would you stop and let darkness eat you or turn your heels and change course?

Hitting dead ends is like facing rejections. It's disheartening, isn't it? But it's more like a detour than an eternal road block. Find another path to take, another direction to turn, a different route to navigate until you find your way.

Rejection has its many facets. It sprouts in all of life's aspects - love, career, yada yada. It's a huge self-esteem buster. We fear getting rejected because, dang, it hurts! It can make us doubt ourselves and what we're capable of. But we must shrug it off and resume the fight, right? It's never the rejections that put a stop to our goals, we do. How so? We put an end to our goals when we stop on our tracks and refuse to walk forth.  Rejections, although perceived negatively by default, if taken in a different light, are means to redirect us somewhere else.

Remind yourself that there's nothing universal. Not fitting to a certain standard, company or situation does not make you any lesser. You just have to find your perfect place. And you won't be able to see where you'd fit just right if you give up now.

Well, you can stop right there and blame rejections all you want but never will it move you anywhere. You'll be stuck right there and nothing's gonna get better. You have to move forward and see past the rejection. Just say, "One option down, more to go." No one's saying it's going to be easy but you gotta keep walking. It might take long but you'll get there.

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