We know for a fact that each one of us is different. And yet it’s sad how hard we struggle to conform and blend in.

For many years, I’ve tried and tried [and failed] to please and fit in. I felt lost in a maze full of pretension. Every move was nothing but a gamble that took my identity as a wager. The longer I played, the lesser I became. So one day stopped trying. For once, I stopped looking at others and started seeing myself. I stopped counting what I lack and started appreciating what I have. I started being myself. 

I'm not gonna lie, I am a far cry from a typical Maria Clara (I can hear my friends clapping for stating the obvious haha). I am perky, loquacious, crazy, and adventurous. I giggle a lot and laugh rather too easily even at the lamest of jokes.

I am unafraid to go places and get lost but quite squeamish when crossing a busy road. Cheers to irony! I have the ability to switch people's boiling point to maximum when I shriek like a banshee at the sight of a flying cockroach. It's like world war Z to me! 

I’m no Kate Moss.  Neither do I have a perfect face nor a statuesque body to flaunt. I don’t watch my weight but I do watch out for food. But hey, I love dressing up and posing for the camera! I can't help it, guys! My blood runs pink.

Well, this is me embracing who I am – flaws and all. 

Tara! Let our crazy selves be! Let's conquer the world one blooper at a time!

Photos by: Daniel Richard Sta. Romana
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