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I was at a crossroads. I got stuck at a point where the roads up front are splitting in varied directions, all a blur. If it be easier to call it quarter-life crisis, then make it so. Besides, I'm literally at a century's quarter. But this doesn't only happen to people in their mid-20's. It could happen to anyone on the verge of creating their own career path; where huge decisions are made. 

The good news was I wasn't without options. Hooray! But the choices that came a plenty led me to utter confusion. It disarmed my capacity to take on a decision. And to add more pressure to the already shaken bottle that is my head, an internal clock kept ringing for an answer. It felt like I was running out of time! 

Which one to shoot for? Which one to prioritize? Gah! Decisions, decisions.

If you haven't had such kind of pressure in your head. Bless you.

I tried to be extra careful because I was under the impression that a single mistake can put an end to everything. So I over-analyzed each option before taking a step. Sadly, it hindered me from doing anything at all. I was stuck longer. No mistakes done, no risks taken. Safe enough, right? Well, yes. Give credit to security. But it took me nowhere either. And that reads just as bad.

Believe me, it wasn't for a day or two; a month didn't even come close. It lingered for a while. No, I lingered around it for a long while. And I would've been stuck longer if I didn't act on it. 

So if you happen to be stuck in the same arena, please know you're not alone. How I got past this stage may or may not apply to you but I'm writing them down, anyway.

-Instead of feeling miserable and wallowing in pity, I said yes to every fun. Sure, I was in a make-or-break crisis that felt grave but watering my pillows by stressing my lacrimal glands isn't the smartest of options. Besides, I mind having ugly, blood-shot eyes!

-I read inspirational articles. Yes, helped me a lot! It's as though most of them are written for me. But one has to be reminded that we go through different situations of varying intensities; apparently, not everything would fit. Weeding out what don't apply will give rise to points that might actually help. 

-Instead of bottling it all in, I opened up my burden to people who matter and I listened, intently. (this part I regard of high importance that it deserves a separate entry)

-I gave myself a great deal of solitude. If you know me, you'd understand how much I find strength being around people. However, I do reserve a me time; not to cry or relive any frustrations but to organize my thoughts and work on my plans. 

This crisis brought me to a realization that there's absolutely nothing crazy about trying and accomplishing too many on list. The bad thing is not trying anything at all. There need not be one. Regardless of order or combination, it's important that we at least try and see. It pays to be wise but there's nothing wrong about making wrong decisions. Mistakes are inevitable at this stage. This is the point where we do our trial and error. Just be open to any opportunity that comes along. Don't conclude until you're done trying. 

How about you? Can you share how you won your way out of that pit?

In every struggle comes learning. 
If we fail to learn, the purpose of overcoming the struggle is as good as nil. 

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