Hello, love! I am so excited to present to you the first ever blog award I've received. It thrilled me as it's one of the best ways to get connected with fellow bloggers. I'd like to thank Zoe of That's Zoe for this nomination. I really enjoyed reading the stuff she wrote. And I am utterly thrilled to share mine to you guys. Enjoy reading!
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  1. What's your most favorite part of blogging? -Meeting people with whom I share the same interests. 
  2. What are your interests? Photography, books, cooking, fashion, make-up. 
  3. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you like to be with you? -A knife, a lighter/match, and a chest of books. haha. 
  4. What is your main goal for this year? Maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. 
  5. How would you like to see yourself in 10 years time? Stable and traveling. 
  6. Where do you want to travel? Europe!
  7. Are you a listener or a speaker? A little bit of both. 
  8. What do you like most about yourselfphysical and characteristic trait? For the physical trait, probably my eyes. lol. For the latter, my optimism. 
  9. Describe a dream vacation. -An all-expense-paid trip around Europe. Yay!

  1. When problems are weighing me down too much, I watch horror movies for a good scare. After that, my problems would seem lighter. 
  2. I often get lost in thoughts. 
  3. I love dark chocolates.
  4. I have high pain tolerance.
  5. It's never a good idea to watch suspense/thriller/horror movies with me. My shrieking could startle you more than the scene itself. 
  6. I am a morning person.
  7. I spend more money on food than clothes.
  8. I bite on straw when drinking. 
  9. I love my hot tea plain and bitter.
  10. Cockroaches scare the hell out me!!
  11. I used to write tragic love stories. 

  1. Mafalda - Mafalda 2.0
  2. Kyle - The Stylish Bipolar
  3. Keicy - It's Keicee 
  4. Tallia - Trending in Fashion
  5. Melissa - Rockin Heels
  6. Vania - Pudding Monster
  7. Novarrina - Chic Swank
  8. Esther - Louboutins and Love

  1. Who/what inspired you to blog?
  2. What was your childhood dream?
  3. What's your ultimate stress buster?
  4. What's the best advice you've received?
  5. How do you respond to negative comments?
  6. What's your biggest fear?
  7. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
  8. What's your comfort food?
  9. What was the craziest thing you ever did?
  10. What are the traits of your ideal man/woman?
  11. If fairytales were real, whose story would you want to live in?

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