Hello, love! 

Yes, I know. Been MIA for a while. I'm afraid I cannot pull off the tag "blogger" coz I suck at blogging. 

And now that I am back, I want to share this street food marathon I had recently with Pearl. It was the first "exclusive date" (Hi, Albert, hiram muna ha? haha) we had after a long while. What better way to fuel our long talks than a food marathon. We are best buds in almost all aspects most especially if tummy matters are at hand. We live by the motto "Ang tunay na chick, nag-eextra rice". Half-rice is not our game. Half kalderong rice? Now we're talking. :) For the love of food.

I love to talk about Filipino dishes to foreign people. I always talk about adobo. adobo. adobo. Yes, I'm being paid for every adobo sold. Not. Apparently, it's something I've mastered, my bragging rights! But let's take a break from the usual. Let's talk about street foods. I thought about compiling pictures which I took in between bites.

It is my aim to complete the list of street foods in the Philippines. So watch out for more... ^__^

1. Botsi/Butse - Deep fried crop of chicken

2. Balat [ng manok] - deep fried chicken skin

3. Taba [ng manok] - Deep fried chicken fat

4. Fish balls

5. Chicken balls

6. Dilis - Sweet and spicy dried anchovies

7. Peanut brittle - Peanut coated with caramelized sugar

7. Peanuts!!! <3

8. Mr. Beans. LOL. They're called pop beans.

9. Kwek-kwek - hard boiled quail eggs coated with orange batter and deep fried in oil. 

"Pabili po ng kweng-kweng." Pwede! Years back, some people found my name Kweng odd, so they started calling me kwek-kwek instead. Darn, freshman year! They even used to joke about having a tower named after me, The Kweng Kweng Tower. Craaaazy bunch of people. They might not remember this bit, though. But I do!! HA! It still makes me laugh. 

10. Isaw [baboy at manok] - Chicken and pork intestine

11. Pinipig and cookies and cream bar

As a food technologist, *clears throat* I am well aware that microorganisms proliferate in these foods. So, my dearies, eat with care and moderation. But I can't help it! I'm a huge kwek-kwek and isaw fan! 

Conquering the world one isaw at a time,

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