I'm baaaaack!

And super excited to share to you some treats from the land of the rising sun, Japaaaan! Our housemate, Rio, just came back from his 2-month stay in Tsukuba. Yaaay! I was more than willing to help him unload and unwrap the treats he brought home. So me. ;) 

First stop, Kitkat! I have been a big Kitkat fan ever since I can remember. Imagine my delight upon seeing these babies in different and surreal flavors! Craaaazy! If you're a Kitkat fan, c'mon, let's drool in unison. Haha. Have a break, have a Kitkat.

Surprisingly, I loved the wasabi-flavored Kitkat. I thought the flavor would come out too strong but it was very subtle to the taste buds. LOVE! 

Look at them so bright and peculiar! 

Tadaaa! After unwrapping, you'll find these guys. They're sooo cute!

Lo and behold, mi favorito --- nori! Edible seaweed strips, baby. I've been munching on this since yesterday. Oh boy, it felt like eating maki sushi. Well, sans everything. Haha. Some people don't like it. But oh my goodness, I do! It smelled of dried tea leaves and munching on it felt like eating paper. My brother joked I looked like I was eating confetti the whole time. Ngi.

I like it, grabe! It even goes well with rice and adobo. Or is it just me? 

Welcome back, Rio! Power hug!

Conquering the world one Kitkat at a time,

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