The Los Banos Flower and Garden show is a bi-annual event hosted by the Los Banos Horticulture Society, Inc. It was held last October 10-20, 2013 at the Seniors Social Garden, University of the Philippines - Los Banos. Yes, post long overdue. T__T

I've been staying in Elbi for quite a while (read: 8 years) but I haven't been to this event before. I never got the chance to come by and see what's in there. Until recently, a friend of mine mentioned having bought some herbs from the said garden show. My goodness! I want my own mini herb-y garden at home too! Ngeks, copycat. I don't know how to grow herbs, but I do know how to chop and add them to my pasta. 

I went there to "buy" herbs, nonetheless. Of course, I came with a camera ready (which eventually defeated my initial purpose). To double the fun, I brought this cute couple along with me. Get used to seeing these two in my blog. They're my kaladkaring buddies forever. :)

These items are made from water lilies or water hyacinths. It's a livelihood program that supports a community-based project which aims to recycle water hyacinths into useful products such as bags and souvernirs. Amazing, isn't it?

I want a lot of these guys for my kimchi.

They said this smells like chocolate, tastes like mint... or is it the other way around? Help!

You have to grow fast little basil! I need you for my pesto pasta! *evil laugh*

I had fun taking pictures!! I hope I was able to give these beauties some justice. They're worth every click.

The whole experience wouldn't be complete without food so we looked around for something new to tickle our taste buds. Luckily we found Satya Graha's booth. Curiosity peaked! Apparently, we are no vegetarians. But it's a shame if we foodies let it pass. We tried veggie barbecue and crispy seaweed. If we were to choose, our vote would go to the crispy seaweed! I guess we'll have to check out Satya Graha one of these days.

We just made another first!! For the love of herbs and beyond. :)

Conquering the world one event at a time,

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