This is my futile attempt to create an easy version of Pasta con la Sarde (Pasta with Sardines). The authentic recipe is too complicated for my young and finite culinary ability (assuming the "ability" is there). Plus, the ingredients are expensive and quite nowhere to be found in Kwengy Land. So I had to improvise and choose a cheaper alternative. That explains the title. I hope it didn't violate any Italian grammar rule.

I used spicy Spanish sardines for this one. I like my pasta spicy! Actually, it ended looking like a spin-off of aglio olio. But hey, it still tastes divine!

Hmm.. So let's see.. Pasta, check! Sardines, check! Well I guess, in my own standards, this is no doubt Pasta con la Sarde. It's in the name, guys!! Convinced? Yes? Wow, thank you! ;)

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