I've always been amazed how nature tweaks the backdrop upon every transition of seasons. During this time of the year, leaves turn red, brown and golden. Alas, not here. 

Since I live in a tropical country that knows only wet and dry seasons, the easiest way to recreate an autumn-ish feel would be under a huge tree where dried, withered leaves lay resting. 

Well, we tried. :) Tres for the effort!

A post like this cannot end without my signature bungisngis candid shot. In my opinion, candid shots are the best. Always brimming with emotions. Pagbigyan.

I do a lot of silly poses. So silly I even question "Why the hell did I do that?" and Dan would come asking "What was that?". See, that's a part of me that I cannot rid of. After each i-dont-know-why-I-did-that-pose I laugh so hard at myself for being crazy (oftentimes clapping like a retarded seal).

Photos by: Daniel Richard Sta. Romana
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