I read a post from Zoe's blog the other day. Toward the end of her post she asked her readers to share three things they like most about themselves. I really love the entirety of the post that I immediately posted a comment mentioning 3 things I like most about myself. Then it hit me, it's pretty interesting to blog about! It may sound self absorbed but, trust me, it's not. Point is, we should at least learn how to appreciate ourselves.

This goes out to everyone who feels inadequate. You probably feel so because you tend to focus on what you lack. Try acknowledging your strengths. Remind yourself of these things when you feel like you're about to go on a downward spiral. Hold on to these things and make them flourish. Even if other people find it weird, if it makes you beam on the inside, embrace it.

1. My positive outlook

Yes, I'm little miss sunshine. Not that I never acknowledge negative things. I do, too. In fact, I even anticipate such things so I can mentally prepare myself. But at times when things go awfully wrong, I always choose to look at the bright side of things. This irrevocable sense of optimism is what pulls me up when the condition seems grave. If something unfortunate comes, I'd be eyeing every corner because I'm a hundred percent certain good things are out there somewhere. 

I remember someone once told me, "Everyone has a dark side. No matter how good they seem." To which I replied, "No matter how bad a person is, surely there's something good about him." This conversation was 7 years ago and I remember it ever so clearly. 

My life is beautiful because I choose to see its beauty over anything else. Remember, life is a matter of perspective. Is yours half empty or half full? 

2. My compassion

I am easily moved. Coming from a family no stranger to poverty, I've always had a soft spot for people in need. This applies even to petty things so long as aid is needed. Primarily because the connection is immediate. I've been struggling my whole life and it feels nice to see a helping hand. There's no better way of paying back than extending help to others.  The reward is elation beyond compare.

3. My Imagination

My friends tell me I zone out. That's the very reason why they dub me "lost" when name-calling is the game. There's no point denying it because it's true. They'd catch me staring blankly at something over dinner, casual conversations or even during class (ugh, always). The fact of the matter is, I think a lot about a mix of things. They just pop out of my head! Sometimes it's a wordy line, a story or just a plain idea -- ideas, ideas, crazy ideas! That's why I've had this obsession over notebooks since elementary. I put whatever comes to mind into writing.

One summer I was home, I came across an old cabinet with all the notebooks I had in high school. I felt a mix of embarrassment, delight and nostalgia as I go through pages. I found a floor plan of my dream house then; a family tree of these made-up people with complete names, age, occupation; a 10-page love story which turned out to be freaking tragic; and a harry potter fan fiction! Weird. Crazy. Truly, imagination has no limit.

How about you? What do you love most about yourself? 

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