With all honesty, I had no idea what niche to tackle when I started this blog. I just wanted to do it. Period.

The first few posts were a mix of food and fashion. But the latter was more evident considering most in my network are on it. But then, the fire burned out. See, I am no hardcore fashionista. Don't get me wrong, I love fashion;  it's just that my daily life doesn't reflect it. In fact, I am happy with the regular flats-shorts-top combo. I don't even like wearing earrings or any accessories on a daily basis. I am not the type who loves posting OOTDs either. I doll up only when I need to. And since I don't even shop for clothes regularly, I eventually ran out of stuff to post.

I went on blogging, anyway.  Good thing there's liberty in blogging. You have the freedom to blog whatever comes to mind. You don't have to ask anyone about what you should put up in your blog because it's all yours to manage! It basically reflects your interests and how you are as a person. You voice out to the world whatever it is that you find worth sharing.

As I blogged away, I found comfort in writing about the experiences I've been through and all the advice I've picked up along the way. If experience is the best teacher, I'm an avid pupil. To my friends, I am always the go-to person. Albeit loquacious I do love to listen. I love cheering people up. I love telling them words of encouragement. These things come out naturally and I simply translate everything into writing. This explains why my blog took a different path. A different kind of passion bloomed.

I take inspiration from a lot of people. In turn, I want to be an inspiration to others. I figured this is what I want for my blog. I love the change. I feel genuinely happy about it. All the words that come out are from my less than three.  <3

As for the food, well, it will always have a space in my heart and tummy. Let's just say I'm brewing something in my cauldron right now. But that's another story.

And oh, if you're still following this blog even after all the changes, thank you!

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