We're not done with Palaisdaan, people. Of course, I couldn't let a bright, sunny day pass without having a few shots here and there. You know, for blogging purposes. Teehee. Must. Maximize. Visit. 

This was taken after lunch *burp* around 2 in the afternoon. Boy, I'm super hot... I mean, it was super hot!! (Muntik nang magbuhat ng sariling bangko)  The biting heat was intense. I felt like I was being roasted. Then I realized how it sucks to be a turkey during Thanksgiving. T____T The 21st century turkey. 

You'd find me squinting if it weren't for these wonder sunnies. Woot! Woot! Salamat sa sponsor *wink* 

Look! A mini lake (or pond or whatever this is)!! *sigh* This bit is heaven. The wind was blowing softly that time. I heard it whispering "siestaaaaaa"!! Kain. Tulog. Baboy. Haha. Or you can just spread your arms like Rose did and let fresh air fill your lungs.

So how's your Saturday going? Happy weekend, love!

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