It was a sunny Saturday and we were brimming with good intentions. Naks.

It was initially a meeting. However, we thought it would be better (and more effective) to discuss matters over lunch as these individuals are highly driven by food. So we found our way to Kamayan sa Palaisdaan sa Bay. We were glad we did!

Bakit ngayon lang ako napadpad dito? T___T

These floating cottages nailed it! The theme lived up to the restaurant's name. This place would definitely remind you of traditional Filipino setup: bahay kubo, ulam pinoy, kamayan.

I know not a lot of you guys like okra because it's slimy, but I love it! Unfortunately, they like it too. So Hunger Games lang ang peg. Not a good day to be an okra with these people around.

Sinfully crriisssspppyyy!!!!

It was our first time to see bicol express in yellow. Curious. But hey, Percy Jackson has blue waffles and then there's pink Vanilla Banana Frost! Hmm.. This can do. Besides, it tastes good! <3

I was with these highly responsible individuals. Don't they look the happiest? You see, the happiest people are the ones with the happiest tummies. Don't be deceived by their smiles, these guys can devour an elephant on my cue. HAHA!

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