OneRepublic LIVE in Manila #OneRepublicMNL

Yes, yes, yes they're coming!! One Republic is invading Manila this November 6! Wohooo!

The first time I heard "Apologize" I knew I'd be keeping an eye on this band. I fell in love with their music so bad I felt sorry for the replay button.

They have wonderful music, that's given. But of course we like playing favorites. My top five favorites are Secrets, Say all I need, Mercy, Come home (yes, I'm a TVD fan as well) and Counting Stars. These five songs could play in loop the whole day and I'd be sleeping with a happy face. If listening to these songs repeatedly could earn me tickets, I'd probably be giving out a lot of them! Haha. Here I go again, dreaming for the impossible.

Being a fan that I am, of course I'd love to see them perform. It's not everyday I get to see my favorite band perform live! I just want to sing along with them and get lost for a moment.

So mark thy calendars, people!

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