Let me start by saying I’ve never undergone any professional training. I learned all these from watching video tutorials and sheer curiosity. So please understand the ceiling of my knowledge and capability. :)

The first tutorial I ever watched was Bubzbeauty’s smokey eye tutorial. I got overwhelmed with the layers of eyeshadows used and I thought I won’t be able to do it myself. Wrong! I figured there are lots of ways to achieve it. You just have to pay attention to details and practice. 

I started out pretty bad, though. Tragic. So I practiced and observed until I figured out how to make it simpler. I then managed to perfect my own version.

Tada!! I think I’ve improved... a bit. Haha!

Here are a few tips I hope you'll find useful.

TIP#1: The key to a smoldering smokey eye makeup is blending.

You need to avoid harsh lines! It is imperative to blend the edges to create a soft look. There’s a reason why it’s called smokey eyes, you know. It should appear like smoke.

TIP#2: If you don’t have the tools, IMPROVISE!

Makeup brushes are extremely important. Each brush has its own purpose. But you don’t have to have all those brushes to perfect this especially if you’re a beginner. If you are in a really tight budget like me, please, be practical and improvise instead. I prefer to use these applicators.

I use the first end for the blending, the other for the application. Others would recommend you use cotton buds but it wouldn’t really do the trick especially when blending. It could remove your makeup. However, if you don’t have any choice but to use it, give it a go. Just try it with a light hand.

You can also use your ring finger for the application if you don’t any of the two I mentioned above. I also tried it in blending the edges but it’s a bit messy, or is it just me?

TIP#3:  Use a pigmented matte black eyeshadow.

Try to go easy on the shimmer, honey. You wouldn’t want to ruin the smokey effect. If you want to add drama to it, use a metallic white or silver eyeshadow and dab it right at the center of your lid to create dimension.

Are we learning? Yes? No? Okay lang yan! Let's avoid looking like raccoons on special events, okay?

A loud thank you to my gorgeous model, Pearl Binahon, who is ever willing to be my victim (since Day 1 haha); and to the fabulous Jeorge Yamuyam, who took these lovely pictures. Wohooo! Cheers to lasting friendship and oozing creativity! Naks.

Conquering the world one smokey eye at a time,

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